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Sunny Meyer, who emigrated from Germany years ago, is now living on the Italian coast, where he owns a small gallery for erotic art. Francesca Tiepolo teaches statuary at the Accademia in Genova, and is secretly in love with Sunny. Veronika Baeumling, summer employee at the Black Forest Hotel Waldlust, where Sunny is growing up in the seventies, was the first and only love of his life, and he never managed to get over her. On a hot morning in August a chance arises to see Veronika again. He begins a journey back home and back into his past, which still haunts his present. This summer, Sunny Meyer will have to make a choice.


sunny meyer

dominic raacke

sunny meyer (17)

Sergej moya


anna koenig

willy heilig

niklas osterloh


director & Screenplay tim mock
producer florian gengangel  fabian baldszun  saskia wagner
supported by FFF Bayern co-producer HFF MUENCHEN  SWR  ARTE
D.O.P. sven ZellNer costume designer annie lenk  Benedicta cramer
production designer tobias maier  ANna maria otte sound Ilka Klyszcz
make up franzisca brunner editor stine sonne munch
music julian pesek